Did You Say Iron-Knee?

There have been many devastating events throughout the timeline of the world, some minor conflicts and others capable of scaring an entire generation. Americais not the only one to endure one of these happening; however September, 11 was a some what current one. After the terrorist attack many people were doubting humanity some paranoid and others just outraged. Just seven days after the attacks on the WorldTradeCenter, editor of Vanity Fair, Graydon Carter, had something to say. “I think it’s the end of the Age of Irony.” he wrote. This became a very controversial statement. I for one believe that situational irony may have taken some what of a blow but verbal irony still thrives. It is plain to see that irony is not something that can just vanish because it is almost natural. Verbal irony is a part of American speech and even American way of life in certain states.

      Verbal irony, occurs when a person says or writes one thing and means another, or uses words to convey a meaning that is the opposite of the literal meaning. This is a type of irony that has taken on different forms and is always going to be useful. Since September, 11th this type of irony has became the bases of humor, insults, and even slang. A kid is on his way to soccer practice and he hates soccer, his mom says practice hard, and he says,”I’ll do my best”. In this case he obviously is not going to out his best foot forward but says so with the purpose of showing that he won’t do his best.

      Verbal irony can almost be considered textual sarcasm. A girl is being snob about all of the things she own and is “getting on a few of her class mates nerves”. One of them stand up and says,”You’re so gorgeous, no one is as modest as you”. The snobbish girl sits down with a sour look on her face. The other girl point got across to her. In This case an insult was stated, but with out proper adaptation to ironic statements, one would think the other girl was just naive. Now-a-days people use sarcasm so much. Sarcasm is a harsh or bitter derision or irony. So the time of sarcasm, puns, and metaphorical speaking, could almost be called the age of irony.

The last form of verbal irony that still exists that proves irony is not dead is in slang. Many youth inAmerica, especially in urban areas have come to the use of clever parts of speech and grammar to build simple statements. Some are more like hyperboles, however many are made from irony. Phrases like, “I can’t wait to get in there and mess things up”, or,”no he did, shut up!” Where people say something but in actuality they mean the opposite thing. Verbal irony in this case could almost be considered culture.

So when considering humor, insults and cultural expression (slang), thing that will never go away. If one can take in mind how all of these can be and are represented by irony and ironic statements, it’s easy to see that the age of irony did not end after the attack, but was on its up word slope. A noticeable slope, that is still in a positive trend. In a way, making the statement that irony is coming to an end, while knowing that it could not and will not come to an end is a statement of irony itself. Almost makes me want to say, “Oh the irony!”

About paulsesk

I am a football player at Trinity U. I plan to be a Physics Major and Edu. Minor. I love to stay active and enjoy making others laugh.
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