Digging Beneath the Surface (Essay #3)

This week, we will read and discuss Criminal: The Last of the Innocent (Brubaker & Phillips, 2011). This is the sixth installment in a series of crime-themed books authored by Brubaker and Phillips. At first glance, the book tells a familiar story about a man who wants to kill his wife. However, there is much more happening beneath the surface.

Your third essay, due before class on Friday (2/4) , should revolve around the following bold-faced thesis statement: On the surface, Criminal: The Last of the Innocent is about ________; but on a deeper level, the book is about _______.

In your essay, you should be sure to incorporate ideas from Scott McCloud’s Understanding Comics, and you should explain how this story connects to the broader world of comic books. When you are finished with this essay, please post it to the assignment folder on TLEARN. Also, instead of posting it to the class blog, please post it to your personal blog. We will add links to your  personal blogs from the sidebar of the class blog.

Last but not least, please note that the rubric has changed slightly. The “conclusion/introduction items” have been combined into a single item, and a new item states that “author discusses how this story intersects with the world of comics and folds in ideas from Scott McCloud’s Understanding Comics.” (The full rubric is listed below the break.)

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