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The 6th Sense of Comics

Matthew Young February 3, 12 First Year Seminar/Delwiche   The 6th Sense of Comics             The first time I read issue five of the Watchmen comic, I really didn’t notice any particular type of pattern because I was much more … Continue reading

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Discovering Watchmen

A New Way to See Comics, the Secret Stories Within the Story In the reading of Watchmen, if you pay close attention you can find many significant relationships which may slip by if you do not. Next it will be … Continue reading

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Roberto Camargo Mirror             As I kid, I would wonder of the existence of a parallel world in the opposite side of the mirror, a spare world just in case something happened to the one I was in. Then, the … Continue reading

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Essay #4. Discovering Watchmen

1. The graphic novel Watchmenwas originally published as twelve separate issues. Each issue represented a different chapter in the story. The fifth issue, “Fearful Symmetry,” is particularly intriguing. In the first part of this assignment, you will uncover the secret … Continue reading

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What if Watchmen were a Saturday morning cartoon?

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“We got so high once in 1968 that we actually tried to start a band.”

In Criminal: Last of the Innocent, Riley Richard references a band he started with his friends back in 1968. You might be surprised to learn that the #1 song on the Billboard charts in 1969 was by a little band … Continue reading

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Truth, propaganda, or a little of both?

On Monday, we will watch very brief clips from the documentary Vacation Nicaragua (Clearfield, 1986). As one synposis explains, “Director Anita Clearfield brought her cameras and crew along on a trip with 25 ordinary Americans as they toured Nicaragua to learn … Continue reading

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