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Roberto Camargo Mirror             As I kid, I would wonder of the existence of a parallel world in the opposite side of the mirror, a spare world just in case something happened to the one I was in. Then, the … Continue reading

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In Money We Trust

                       In The Last Of The Innocent, we can see a great example of a perfectly composed comic, switching from cartoon to realism to create an identifiable character at certain points, and a unique character with his own identity in … Continue reading

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Histories rather than History. Essay#1

  History, contrary to what many believe, rarely tells all the truth about the past. If we were to listen or study only one version of a certain event that occurred on previous years, we are only seeing the light … Continue reading

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Irony. Essay#2

After the forever infamous, traumatic, and transforming events that America underwent on the morning of September 11th, 2001, many commentators, critics, and writers were ironic enough to turn attention and celebrate the death of irony[1] instead of mourning the death … Continue reading

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